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Lean Finland

Lean manufacturing and Operational Excellence advice for industrial companies

Lean Finland is a professional services company based on 20+ years of shop-floor experience combining practical advice with a top management view.

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Bio: Antti Ryytty

Antti is a Lean manufacturing expert with 20+ years of experience covering both shop-floor management and top-level operations consulting.

During his career, Antti has gained professional experience from analyzing and improving about 100 industrial sites world-wide.

Antti's professional career started in the automotive industry where he gathered experience in line management and Lean expert roles. His experience is rooted on Japanese automotive factories where he thoroughly learned "what good looks like" and was trained in Lean philosophy and techniques by Japanese Toyota Production System experts. He also gained first-hand experience in leading Lean production system implemention on manufacturing sites through trial and error.

After 8 years in automotive industry, Antti joined McKinsey & Company as an operations consultant. He worked across multiple industries and geographies to implement Lean and achieve step-changes in operational performance of the client companies. He worked side by side with the top operational consultants with backgrounds in the best operational companies - often Toyota - and learned from them through hands-on work.

At McKinsey, Antti learned how to quickly analyze operational performance and how to implement a Lean production system in various complex environments.

After a total 10 years with McKinsey, Antti is now utilizing his experience to support Finnish manufacturing companies in their strive for operational excellence through his own consultancy Lean Finland Oy.

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Lean Manufacturing and Operational Excellence advice for industrial companies

Lean Finland helps you to carry out strategic operational analyses, set targets and develop change journeys as well as gain results through implementation.

Typical situations to seek Lean Finland's advice are when:

  • You want to analyse your current production system: its improvement potential, improvement needs and plan a path forward.

  • You need an independent view on a manufacturing operation, e.g., as part of a due diligence assessment or onboarding a new executive.

  • You want to drive improvement in your operation while increasing skills of your team.

  • You need to succeed in a complex change in your manufacturing operation.

  • You need to integrate a Finnish subsidiary into your global manufacturing system.

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